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I hope you enjoyed my summer makeup essentials! Today I wanted to talk all about makeup brushes, and let you in on a few of my favorites. For the longest time I completely neglected brushes, I used whatever I had laying around or a lot of the time I would use my hands. Now, don’t get me wrong in a lot of cases sometimes your hands are your best tool but in others, I always recommend a good brush.

I feel like if there is anything you are going to spend some big bucks on, throw down on brushes. You can use any product in the world but if you don’t use it with a nice quality brush, I promise you the application will not look nearly as flawless as it would if you used the right tools! I have so many favorite brushes that I use all the time but to spare you your day I decided to talk about only my most coveted (you’re welcome).



First things first; foundation brushes. I seriously love foundation brushes I have dozens but yet I still continue the search for the PERFECT brush, even though I have plenty that work magnificently.

For liquid foundation, my tried and true would be my Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki Brush. This brush is seriously heaven. I know that’s a bold statement but because the bristles are so tightly packed it allows for maximum flawless coverage. This brush is super affordable compared to a lot of others on the market and is made extremely well. The bristles are soft and adaptable so you can use just about any liquid foundation with it! What I cherish the most about this brush is unlike others of its kind, you can use the slightest amount of product and it will transfer all over your face, not wasting a single drop of your product.

Secondly, because I’m a powder foundation lover I love my Real Techniques Buffing brush. (If you haven’t used Real Techniques brushes before, stop what you’re doing and run over to Ulta and try them out ASAP. They are by far the most AMAZING and AFFORDABLE brush. These brushes retail anywhere from $9-$20 and are the most soft luxurious brush you can find in that price point.) Anyways, back to the actual brush, I love this brush because similar to the flat top kabuki the bristles are flat top but more fluffy, so this product works best with any powder foundation or setting powder for all over the face!

I also really love my ELF blush brush, I know that this says its used for blush but I find that this brush works perfectly to set my under eye concealer. It’s fluffy enough to distribute product and flat enough to fit in the under eye area. The best thing about this brush is the price, retailing for about $3 and available at almost any drugstore.

For any liquid or crème products I also love my MAC 187 Duo Fibre Face Brush. I love this brush because you can use it for just about anything. I tend to use it most for tinted moisturizers, but on days where I don’t want too much product/coverage I’ll also use it for bronzer. Because this brush is duo fiber, meaning it has blended synthetic and real fibers in the bristles, it is super fluffy and will give excellent buildable coverage.

I also have my beauty blender sponge. Although this technically isn’t a brush, this tool will change your life. Seriously. This hot pink sponge can be used for just about any crème product on the face. I love it for blending out my concealer, occasionally using it for foundation, or even using it to blend out my crème contour. The beauty blender will 100% change your life!!!


My biggest piece of advice to you when using this product is, MAKE SURE YOU USE IT DAMP! I cannot stress this enough. So many people complain that the beauty blender doesn’t work well and it’s because they’re using it incorrectly. I like to run mine under the water and squeeze it a few times to really make sure the sponge has expanded and is damp, I then grab a towel and just squeeze it to get any excess water out and then it’s perfect to use!



I recently purchased a MAC 133 powder brush and it has easily become my new favorite bronzing brush. What I love so much about is that the bristles are super long but the shape is still flat so it will still give you nice sharp bronzing lines with out a defined contour for a more daytime look.

I also love my MAC 168 large angled contour brush. Although this brush can be used for contouring I tend to like it more for bronzing, if you blend the brush with bigger more circular strokes it will give you an all over bronze look that you will DIE for.

For a much more affordable brush, I have been loving my Elf Angled Blush Brush. To be honest, I never really even looked at Elf products at any drugstore because I figured they’re so inexpensive they must not work well. I know that’s horrible to say but, I have found that I was completely wrong. This brush works just as well as any of my high end brushes and I can confidently say it’s a really good dupe for the MAC 168 brush I just mentioned!

I had no idea I had so many different brush alternatives for bronzing/contouring but I promise I only have two more! Not too long ago Bare Minerals came out with a new brush collection, which I was super excited about because I didn’t really care for their original brushes. Well they completely stepped up their game and their new brushes have become some of my favorite.

In particular I have loved the Dual-Finish Blush & Contour brush. This brush is a dual sided brush with both synthetic and real hair bristles. This brush is the absolute perfect size to fit into your contour area. It is flat but rounded to help carve out that perfect cheekbone.

My favorite brush for contouring is my Nars Ita brush. If you’re a beginner to contouring or just haven’t mastered the technique, I highly recommend this brush. It is like a foolproof brush for contouring. It is a flat shaped brush with short bristles that gives you the perfect line to shape out that contour. My only con about this brush is that it is extremely hard to find and it super pricey. Retailing for about $60, but if you are able to get your hands on this bad boy I highly recommend it. If not, don’t stress because, tons of companies have been releasing brushes a lot more affordable and super similar.



As I was going through my brushes trying to find all of my favorites, I realized how much I neglect all of my eye shadow brushes! I love flawless skin so I guess I have a bias towards face products/brushes, so I apologize for the lack of eye brushes; but I do have a few favorites that I know you’ll love!

My number one can’t live with out eye shadow brush would be my MAC 224. This brush is life-changing, it is the absolute perfect blending brush for your eye shadow, perfect for the crease in your lid. It blends like a dream and makes your eye shadow super easy to apply.

I also have been loving my Morphe M153, I love this brush because it’s short, flat, and fluffy. I know that sounds super weird but I have found that this brush works perfectly to distribute product all over the lid. I especially like this brush when I’m doing a smokey eye all over the lid. With a lot of other brushes I find that the product doesn’t get distributed evenly, especially when working with dark shades. Not to worry, this brush gets the job done! I have never used a brush that can distribute dark shades so evenly in my life. Such a bold statement, I know, but seriously, this brush is life and Morphe is super affordable!!

Lastly for the eyes I have another Morphe brush. The Morphe M205 is a flat shader brush that I find works best for highlighting the eye. I like to use this on my lid, in the inner corner of my eye, and my brow bone using a light shade to really open up the eye area.

Well guys, that’s all I have for you today! I hope this helps you out on your brush search. If you’re anything like me, the search never ends. Let me know what brushes you’ve been loving recently down below and don’t forget to subscribe for all info GLAM!

Until next time,

xx gabriella


MAC 133

MAC 168

MAC 224

Morphe M205

Sigma F80

Real Techniques Buffing Brush

Beauty Blender ELF

Blush Brush

ELF Angled Blush Brush

MAC 187

Nars ITA

Morphe M153

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  1. K

    I’m so glad you did a brush review. Can you please tell me more about cleaning them and how to store them? I use 3 brushes for just about everything. Thank for the options.

  2. Thank you SO much for this post! It’s incredibly helpful! I also agree that Real Techniques makes the most amazing brushes. I actually put the Sigma F80 on my wishlist because I think it’s a must-have for any makeup lovers collection! Thanks again and can’t wait to read more from you! xoxo

  3. Anonymous

    Great information …. Brushes are the key to a flawless face🎀💄🎀