Glowy, Perfect, Summer Skin

How was everyone’s Fourth of July? I spent mine in Newport with my friends and family! It was super relaxing and a nice getaway, but honestly the 4th being on a Tuesday was so awkward, right?! Half of my friends couldn’t even celebrate properly because they had work the day after. #buzzkill

Anyway, while I was away at the beach I  was not wanting to wear a ton of makeup, it’s such a drag being in the fresh airy weather and then having a pound of cake on my face, so I opted out of some of my typical products and loved the results so much I wanted to share!

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  • Replenix Antioxidant Sunscreen: YOU GUYS, GAME CHANGER! I learned about this product from Lauryn Evarts Bosstick whose blog is The Skinny Confidential, I’m sure you all know and love her! If you haven’t heard of her, check her out she’s my idol. Anyway, she’s obsessed with skincare and recommended this product to her readers and it’s amazing. This product has caffeine in it, which plumps the skin and also is 50 SPF. This doesn’t have any makeup in it but I swear whenever I put it on, it literally hides all of my imperfections and I don’t even need it. 10/10 V recommend.
  • IT Cosmetics CC+ Illumination: So I’ve had this product for a while now and never really liked it, but a sales associate at Ulta recommended it me, so I thought I’d give it another shot. WOW, so happy I did. This is buildable coverage, if you want minimal go with a beauty blender, if you want full go for a brush. I like lighter coverage so one pump is perf for me. They also have one that isn’t illuminated in case you have more oily skin. This CC cream is proven to improve your skin after time, and I’m in love.
  • BECCA Cosmetics Champagne Pop: This isn’t the first time I’ve mentioned this product but I love it so much I had to mention it again. It has the perfect golden glow for any skin tone. Recently, I’ve been using my Replenix sunscreen with this on my cheekbones and I’m out the door. Your skin will look amazing and thank you later for not caking the makeup on in this ridiculous heat.
  • Aquaphor: Super random, but also super life changing. I’ve used this product since my childhood, and it’s the best in the game. I put it on my lips for the perfect glossy and moisturized pout. You can also use it for any dry areas on your body. The best part about it? you can find it at any drugstore!

Those have been my go-to’s recently, what have you all been loving?

xx gabriella


Replenix Sunscreen

IT Cosmetics CC+ Illumination

Champagne Pop