Let’s Chat…

Hello, Hello! Welcome back, it’s been a bit since I’ve been on the blog, especially after the tragic loss of my site, but the site is back and I have some things I want to cover, lol!


A few weeks ago I posted on my Instagram (follow me @gabriellalion) about what type of content my readers/viewers want to see. It’s no secret my blog and now Youtube channel started out as a beauty blog and has slowly transitioned into all things fashion and luxury related. I absolutely love all things luxury, I think I’ve said it over a million times, but with luxury items comes a hefty price tag. One thing I’ve noticed on all platforms is a lot of people wonder how I afford luxury items. If you know me personally you know that aside from high-end fashion, I have an extreme passion for management, leadership, and business development. With this passion, I have been able to afford my lifestyle. So I thought it would only be appropriate to start discussing things from the other side of luxury. Hint hint, how I afford it.


Now don’t get me wrong, I am no guru! I don’t have all of the answers and everything I know has been self-taught. I didn’t major in business admin or get my degree in management. I’ll be the first to say, I have extremely giving parents who have provided me with a beautiful life, but I also work my ass off. I have professional experience from two major corporations; Target & Groupon. I now run a division of my family’s company (which is the largest raisin grower & industrial supplier in the world), while also running a real estate investment company. So yeah, I do a lot and during my early professional life I’ve been surrounded by some amazing mentors who have given me incredible tools on leadership development and how to be sharp in the workplace.


I understand that this is completely different content from what you’re used to seeing from me and I want to reiterate that my Youtube channel will still cover ALL things fashion & luxury related, but I felt like I couldn’t have a personal brand with out discussing the other side of my life, which I’m equally as passionate about. So, if you’re a young person in the workplace who is looking for tips & tricks on how to develop your own talent, manage a team, or even get noticed professionally, you can start tuning into my weekly posts where I will discuss all of my management tips & tricks, because if you know me you know I love to be in control 😊