Five Favorites: Work Edition

Work is like my baby, I love knowing that I’m building something for myself and making bank. That being said, it’s also exhausting and stressful so I thought I’d share some of my favorite items that help keep me productive and on top of my day.


  1. Coffee: If you don’t drink, coffee do you even work? I’m obsessed with iced coffee it could be -10 degrees outside and I’ll still drink it iced. I typically make my own coffee with my Nespresso machine, I use the Vanizio coffee pods, and because I love it iced, I make it the night before and put it in the fridge so come the morning, my ice doesn’t melt in the hot coffee. Since I’m dairy free, I splash some almond milk in it and add some equal packets (yes I know they’re bad for me & no IDC, let me live), and that’s it! I’m also extremely particular about the type of cup my coffee is in, so this is the only cup I’ll drink it out of.
  2. My planner: I’m a planner freak. I have 10 million planners all for something different, and yes I use all of them. I’ve mentioned this before, if it’s not on paper I will 100% forget the task and It won’t get done, so I have to plan my day out, and list my to-do’s. My current planner is an A5 filofax ring bound system, it’s completely custom with inserts that fit my needs best. If you’d like a video or post on my planner let me know and I’ll go more in depth on it. I keep it in this Louis Vuitton desk agenda, because why not?
  3. iPad Pro: I’ve owned every version of the ipad and thought they were all pointless until I got the Pro and my life is forever changed. I use this for everything, I’m quite the multitasker so at times I have my ipad and my desktop in use. I love the pro because I can use two apps at once, which is the best feature ever & because there are some bomb apps I use for work. Some of my favorites are; Asana, Reminders app, Google Keep, and just the regular Apple notes app.
  4. Podcasts: Being in an office all day can get draining, so to keep me awake and get my mind moving I love listening to Podcasts. I listen from everything to true crime to health and wellness, and some Ladygang banter in between. I’m an avid podcast listener so if you’d like me to do a post dedicated to podcasts, LMK
  5. Time blocker: Ugh, I feel so basic for saying this because I feel like anyone who follows The Skinny Confidential has seen this mentioned a ton of times, but it honestly has changed my life. I wear a lot of different hats at work and constantly have multiple projects going on at once. This little cube is a game changer. It’s allowed me to prioritize my projects and block out time for each project so I don’t get overwhelmed or get stuck on one thing, and then have a crap ton to catch up on.

Ok that was a lot, but there you have it! What are your favorite items to get you through the day?

Xx gabriella