Evening Skincare Routine

Hey guys! Today I’m chatting about my PM skincare routine and what my current go to products are. I try to keep it simple but efficient for the best results. My philosophy has always been less is more, and these products make my skin feel and look beautiful with out taking too much time.

  1. Cleanse: This Purpose cleanser has been the ONLY cleanser I’ve used since I was 10. It’s gentle, takes off EVERY ounce of makeup, and doesn’t leave your skin feeling tight and dry. It’s perfect for all skin types and the best part, is that it’s extremely affordable & can be found at your local drugstore.
  2. Tone/Exfoliate: I’ve mentioned this a million times but I suffer from uneven skin tone/texture because I’m MAJORLY dehydrated (as in I never drink water) and I have chronically dry skin. Therefore, it’s SUPER important for me or anyone suffering with these issues to constantly be exfoliating. For the longest time I used a physical exfoliant, but now prefer chemical, because you’re able to use them daily, and you’re not scratching the surface of your skin, which can cause broken capillaries and pigmentation. I’ve been using the Glossier Solution, which is a chemical exfoliant that is gentle enough to be used daily. Normally, I use the Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel Pads, but I ran out and had this on hand. I personally like the Peel Pads better, but Glossier is a great more affordable option.
  3. Serums: Ok, TBH I don’t get the serum hype. I’ve tried a million and I truly don’t think they make a difference, but everyone says to use one so that’s what I do, lol. I’ve tried hundreds, and the one I’ve been using the longest is the Fresh Rose Deep Hydrating Serum. We all know by now I have a problem with dry skin, so that’s why I use anything and everything that can prov
    ide hydration. I like this because it smells nice but truthfully IDK if it makes a difference or not.
  4. MOISTURIZE: My skin would fall off if it wasn’t for these two products. I’m hardcore so I use a thick deep hydrating moisturizer as well as an oil. The First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream is THE best moisturizer I’ve ever used. It’s gentle, hydrating, and doesn’t leave your skin feeling thick or like it’s clogging your pores. In conjunction with the Sunday Riley oil, your skin will forever be changed. This oil is great because it provides extra hydration, while also improving skin texture, tone, and has retinol properties to keep your skin nice and firm. These two products together have changed my skin.

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