How to Revive your Skin after a Long Weekend!

Does anyone else’s skin go to complete crap after a long weekend of traveling and partying? Mine sure does and it’s not cute. This past weekend we celebrated my sister and my cousin’s college graduation from USC, and boy was it a fun and LONG weekend. Lots of late nights, bomb food, and yummy drinks. I’m exhausted to say the least and therefore my skin is majorly suffering.

Whenever I get back from a mini vaca I always put this extensive routine in place to get my skin back to normal. As I was doing it last night I thought I should share! A weekend of eating out and drinking ALWAYS messes with my system, especially because I eat really well on a daily basis, so this is what I’ve found works best for me.

  1. MAKEUP REMOVAL! Remove those sins from the weekend (lol kidding) You can use whatever you like best for makeup remover. Currently, I’m hooked on my Kate Somerville Cold Cream but I also love my Simple Micellar Cleansing Water. If I’m using my cold cream I use a pure white wash cloth to wipe it off (I’ll explain why it has to be white in a later post) and if I’m using my micellar water I use regular cotton pads. Then I cleanse my face with my fav Purpose cleanser that I’ve raved about in a previous post (find it here).
  2. HYDRATE! I’m not talking about moisturizer, I’m talking real hydration people. As in drink water. LOL this is so hypocritical of me because I hate water and am constantly dehydrated, but your skin and body will thank you. DRINK UP!
  3. DE-PUFF! Does anyone else get swollen from eating bad/drinking? I always do, so I use my ice roller just to get rid of any additional puffiness I notice. Not only does it reduce the puff but it feels so good after an exhausting weekend.
  4. EXFOLIATE! Your skin has so much dead skin and gross bacteria on it after a weekend of traveling, especially if you were in a plane. Exfoliating is a MUST! I’ve mentioned this before, but I prefer chemical exfoliants over a physical exfoliant. The Drunk Elephant Babyfacial is my absolute favorite exfoliating mask, it does wonders for texture and just helps revive your skin. Leave this on for 20 minutes 😊
  5. BRIGHTEN! If you’re anything like me you’re looking a bit dull from a few sleep depriving nights, so I always use this brightening sheet mask that I get from Sephora. It’s great for plumping your skin back up and giving you some life back into your skin.
  6. Moisturize! I’m always dry but if you’re travelling on a plane your skin will be EXTRA dry, which is why I always use a hydrating sleep mask the night I get home from a trip. This Glow Recipe Mask is AMAZING. It is the only hydrating mask that I can notice a real difference after using. I love it so much I use it almost every night as a moisturizer, because I’m that dry. (Also, I’m not sure if it’s recommended to use that much so maybe don’t use it like I do).
  7. EYE MASKS! I love a good eye mask, I really love these Peter Thomas Roth eye masks that claim to detoxify, brighten, and reduce puffiness. They work really well and I highly recommend. If you’re looking for a more affordable option, I also love these ELF Cosmetics eye masks that you can get from Target.
  8. SLEEP! Get some good rest so you’re refreshed and reset for the week. To ensure I knock out, I use my oil diffuser and diffuse some Lavender essential oils, and because I’m hardcore I spray this lavender mist on my pillow before I snooze for the night.

I hope these tips help!