What I’m Loving – Health, Beauty & Fashion

Hey Guys!

Long time no talk!! I have had such a busy last few months, our raisin season started mid July and it has been go, go, go ever since! I’m talking 7 days a week, 12 hour days. It’s safe to say I AM DEAD! But, it will all pay off when I take over the company and rename it “Gabriella’s Raisins” lol jk. Anyways, I wanted to share some Current favorites! So, let’s break it down.


I feel like I’m always on a health journey, but honestly who isn’t? I’m constantly doing research to find the next best supplement, see what the current health trends are, and finding what works best for me. When it comes to health and fitness I really do take everything I read/hear with a grain of salt. My reasoning for that, is not only because there is always new research and science to back up so many different viewpoints, but a lot of health “coaches” you see online don’t have the scientific background to back up their claims. Not trying to be hater, just being real. Anyways, I mentioned this a little in my last post but I have been been training with a personal trainer for almost 3 months and have seen the biggest change in my body. My trainer is Alexis Salazar the owner of a new fitness studio in Fresno called Thrive Fit Wellness. She’s bomb and specializes in TRX and Kettlebells. I seriously have gotten so much tighter and stronger since I’ve started with her, and also keep seeing the inches go down and down.

My second health obsession recently is Inulin. Inulin in a source of fiber that derives from plants, personally I think the best source of Inulin is derived from chicory root. I originally learned about Inulin through Lauryn from the Skinny Confidential and her friend Ingrid De La Mare Kenny It’s safe to say I’m obsessed and I can’t go a day with out it. To get my source of inulin in the day I use Ingrid’s famous inline coffee recipe (check it out here).


I recently ┬átreated myself to this Saint Laurent tote, I’m obsessed. It’s seriously my Mary Poppins bag and fits anything and everything! I use it everyday for work and am loving it. It’s a coated canvas so it’s easy to keep clean and to keep it organized I have a few different pouches that I can throw my small things in.


It wouldn’t be a favorites if I didn’t include skincare! Summer Fridays is a newer brand that launched in Sephora over the summer. It’s a skincare line created by influencers Marianna Hewitt and Lauren Gores Ireland and it’s amazing! They launched with their famous Jet Lag Mask that was created for tired, dehydrated skin (AKA me). It can be used overnight, under makeup, or for a few minutes. It hydrates, plumps, and helps uneven skin texture, and the best part is it’s all clean ingredients. I HIGHLY recommend this product.

That’s all I have for now, what have you been loving? Also, let me know how you like my graphic! I played around with Photoshop this week and I’m super proud of it lol,

Until next time!

xx gabriella